1960 Flxible Starliner Restoration

Winning Makes has recently undertaken a restoration of a 1960 Flxible Starliner bus which was found in Las Vegas, Nevada. It looks like "Flxible" has been misspelled, but the omission of the first "e" is how the Flxible Company was able to trademark their name in 1919. 

Ray Charles commissioned this bus from The Flxible Company to his own specification to be used on tours. It included a factory installed air conditioning system. Ray Charles eventually sold the bus to Johnny Otis, another music legend. 

When the bus arrived at the Winning Makes Workshop, the cosmetics were not in the best condition, although the main structure is in excellent, un-rusted condition, thanks to the fact that is has always lived in a dry climate. It is currently stripped down to the bare chassis and has the wooden flooring removed. Winning Makes will be performing a full mechanical and cosmetic restoration of the bus.